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Mega Man: The Sequel Wars is a fan-made homebrew remake of Mega Man 4, 5 and 6 for the Sega Mega Drive, following in the footsteps of the officially released Mega Man: The Wily Wars. It aims to carefully recreate the NES classics while giving them a fresh 16-bit coat of paint and a rearranged soundtrack. It also aims to improve on the foundation of Wily Wars by enhancing both the presentation and gameplay.

Episode Red is the first release of the project, containing the full remake of Mega Man 4. Alongside the original game's content, a slew of new features are added to spice up the experience for returning players.

NOTE: this is not a rom hack of Wily Wars! It is fully coded from scratch in C using the SGDK library. As such, the game will be distributed as full ROM releases as there is no original game to patch to.


-Faithful recreations of the original games, with extensive research done to make everything accounted for.

-Smooth controls that avoid all of the shortcomings of the original Wily Wars and its control issues.

-Refined 16-bit graphics that use the Mega Drive's superior visual capabilities to their fullest, with detailed environments and elaborate parallax backgrounds.

-Original soundtrack featuring both remakes of the original tunes and all-new compositions. Comes in both Classic (original Wily Wars style) and Modern (Regular) flavours.

-New characters to play - including Proto Man who can deflect bullets with his shield, and Roll who uses her broom to mop up enemies in close range.

-More gameplay options including the ability to use any weapon from 4-6!

Please read the included readme file for instructions on how to run the game.
Current version: v1.1

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Mega Man The Sequel Wars Episode Red v1_1.zip 1 MB
(OLD VERSION) Mega Man The Sequel Wars Episode Red (v1_0).zip 1 MB


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Quick changelog for v1.1: fixed softlock for bosses, fixed Wire problems, fixed title screen issue with the 2nd control scheme, and other misc. fixes

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Thank you for putting more of your time for bug fixes.

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After playing around with the weapons, here are some things I noticed:

  • MM4's weapons are just as strong as before! Everything does what it should imo.
  • MM5's weapons have significantly improved! Nearly every weapon here deals actual damage now, especially Napalm Bomb and Power Stone! However, I feel like a few weapons could use a bit of work:
    • Crystal Eye doesn't deal much damage, even in confined spaces. Maybe give the small orbs a damage buff to make the most out of Crystal Eye's main gimmick. I'm saying this because even in closed spaces, I've mostly managed to land one or two orbs on the same enemy, amounting to a total of 1 or 2 damage.
    • Gravity Hold seems to deal 1 damage against most enemies, even against enemies that could've been weak to this weapon like the Battontons.
    • Water Wave still suffers from enemy i-frames as the first and last wavelets deal damage while the middle one gets absorbed by i-frames. Not as bad as the NES version, but I still wish all 3 wavelets would deal damage.
  • For some reason, all of MM6's weapons seem to deal 2 damage against most enemies. Makes it hard to justify using Flame Blast over Yamato Spear or Knight Crusher for example. I think all that's needed for MM6's weapons is some changes in damage values.
    • On the plus side, it's nice to see that Plant Barrier has the right ammo cost now!

Anyway, excellent work! The MM4 remake manages to meticulously recreate the original with a fresh coat of paint while adding new details and easter eggs that add to the experience!

I'm thinking that the 2 damage is attached to the MM4 weapon that it's associated with.  This is especially true in the case of Flame Blast (and Charge Kick since it shares the same association) which share the same damage as uncharged Pharaoh, it's associate weapon.  Yamato Spear may have also suffered from this as it lost its shield piercing property that it had in vanilla MM6 and doesn't do it to anything in the game as of yet in this game (currently associated with Dive Missile, it may share some of its attack/damage properties).

The team probably needs to look over weapon data to see if there are some shared characteristics and re-purpose them again to make sure that the weapons from (at least) MM6 act like their original variants.  Might need to look at MM5 weapons, just in case, for the same reason.

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I just tested all weapons on a Jumbig and found that associate weapons can still deal different amounts of damage. On the Jumbig, Toad does 4 while Gravity does 1 and Centaur does 2. Plant does 2 while Star and Skull do 1 each. Napalm can one-shot the Jumbig while Drill and Knight need two shots to take it down since that enemy is weak to Drill and its equivalents.

The associate system may explain the 2 damage regarding most of MM6's weapons, but the above example suggests that associates don't need to deal the same damage.

Also, Ring can pierce shields, but not Gyro or Tomahawk, which could mean associates don't really need to share the same properties either.

Is there any way you can have the older versions available for download? I started a project on the original 1.0 release of Episode Red and I don't know if it would sync on later versions.


version 1.0



Sure. I reinstated the download link.


Thank you very much!

recently noticed a v1.1 release came out.  I wonder what was changed between the original version and the 1.1 version.  a short changelog mentioned either here or in the Readme file would be nice

This game is really awesome! 

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Hey man, i've streamed your homebrew a couple of days. I have some things to point:

1 - Wire don't work fully as intended sometimes.

2 - In the spirit that you are still polishing/updating this homebrew, is there any chance you could add the pharaohman stage mini boss that was cut from the megaman 4 prototype ? There are still some sprites of parts of him in original nes rom memory, or on popular websites around (tcrf is the one who suply more details about this). As far i could get, it was originally located where we got the special item from the pharaohman level.

Congratulations man, you have a legendary work here.

Amazing work. I made a physical cart and it works perfectly. Even the SRAM saves work.  @Woodfrog let me know if you want one and I'll send you one.

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This is a fantastic game.  You and your team should be proud of what you have made.  The improvements compared to the original Wily Wars, the additions made to MM4, the things equally *maintained* in MM4, the gameplay modifiers, the QoL options, the references/easter eggs... there is just a lot of upside to this.  This has the potential to be one of the best fan games of all time, so I'm looking forward to seeing how MM5, MM6, and whatever modes you add (assuming at least a Wily Tower variant) will go in the future.

That said, there is a particular bug that I and a few others that I talked to that played the game have found.  There are times in which after defeating a boss, the game no longer continues; can't move, pause, etc.  The game basically softlocks.  What I've noticed that it may be connected to the type of boss explosion used.  The new boss explosions seem to have no issues at all, and the softlocking occurs when the old explosions are used.  For example, the Dive Man re-fight seems to suffer from this after beating him in his boss rush teleporter.  You can't move or escape from the room to continue on with the boss rush.  The same happens during normal Bright Man fight assuming you're not using the weakness (it continues on otherwise, somehow).  I don't know what other cases suffer this, but these are the two outstanding examples so far.  Hopefully, this will be looked into (beyond the aforementioned two cases) and updated because this game has too much positive value to have this lead to an unintentional negative experience.

It should be noted that I was using Bizhawk when checking into this.  If anyone has a similar experience with real hardware, it should be noted as well so all bases are covered.

Looking forward to future updates and improvements.  Well done and good luck.


Ring Man seems quite harder compared to the original. I'm not savvy enough to understand what's different, but at least two things I noticed is the rings not traveling as far when thrown and when they return to him from a different altitude they sort of curve a little bit (in the original they follow a straight diagonal path), both of these make it much harder to dodge them.

Not sure if this is a bug, if it's an intentional buff feel free to ignore.

He's by far the only robot master that felt different to me during a buster-only run, was happily surprised to see Toad Man can still be beaten without moving by timing your shots when he raises his hands and Bright Man still restricting Flash Stopper to the appropriate health values.

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I think his hitbox is kinda odd, it's the same with Diveman. Both requires you to jump, but if you jump somewhat close(but far from touching it) to Ringman's ring on top of his head(or Diveman's pipe) you'll get hurt. But maybe it's something that can't be fixed due to limitations, I don't know.

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I've found a couple of bugs

1) Dr. Cossack's Fortress, Stage #3 - I got stuck in the wall after auto-scroll has been ended:

2) If double jump is ON:


This glitch happens whenever a character slides in a one-tile high space with a ceiling.  It doesn't matter which modifier is on, this happens at any time that condition is met.  Double Jump just adds to the potential spots that could happen.  Also, you can break out of that at any time by just jumping.

Tried this on the Mega SG through a Mega Everdrive Pro and it seems to be a no-go. The audio makes it unbearable. Non-stop high pitch screeches.

Sorry to hear that. The sound driver needs to be emulated pretty precisely. Some older emulators like Gens also suffer this issue.

Were you using firmware 4.9?

Yes, this was using the recent 4.9 firmware for the Mega SG. 

Ugh! Sucks that after all these years Mega SG audio is still inaccurate. 


Full gameplay here using only Buster. 

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I've just finished MegaMan 4 playing as MegaMan, and the results so far are incredible.

A few things I think that need to be addressed:

- SFX volume, sometimes it just overlap the BGM too much

- In Junkman's stage, during the pressers part, the way the blocks conflict with MegaMan's sprite without killing him looks bad

- The enemy that comes up from the gaps in Skullman's stage feel too cheap(they spawn a lot more in comparison to Cossack's first stage)

- Cossack's first stage background transition while going from one screen to another as you go up the ladders doesn't look good(it turns blank)

- In the last Cossack's stage, one the spring-like enemies in the alternative path through the barriers got glitched(it froze up in place and couldn't be destroyed, but it would still harm me)

- Some gaps are ridiculously hard to pass through, like the first gap when picking up multiple boosters during Cossack's first stage, and the gap to picking up a energy pack right before facing Cossack in the last Cossack's stage

- Ringman's and Diveman's hitbox doesn't look right(it's like they got a huge hitbox above their heads that kills you for no good reason)

- Giant Metall's minions hitbox in the first Willy's stage doesn't look right(seems bigger than actual sprite)

- Wily's second stage displays a huge vertical black bar on the left of the screen, also is it just me, or the whole blue setup makes the stage a little confusing? 

- The sprite of the bottom of the teleport disappears when exiting after beating Drillman in Wily's Castle

I am absolutely blown away by this so far. Mega Man 4 has been a personal favorite of mine from the Classic series and it was a pleasure to play it in 16-bit. I was very happy to see just how much attention to detail was put in, particularly with the Robot Master AI. Wily Wars screwed it up big time, but this port was much closer to the source material which made it very easy to transition over. The new extra features are super fun to mess around with too, the air slide was super cool to play around with. Also loved hearing the Game Boy fortress boss music, one of my favorite tracks in the series. Stunning work so far and I cannot wait to play 5 and 6 once they're avaliable!

Great game but wish the EX mode wasn't scrapped (even though it does present lore problems) if that's why it was scrapped the og Wily Wars involved time travel perhaps that's why things are different in EX mode (and bots that didn't canonically exist yet can appear and fight you)

IT Wasnt scrapped


This game is awesome I love Mega Man on Sega Mega Drive Mega Man 4 is great now I'm just waiting for Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6 to come out so I can play this game Mega Man The Sequel Wars on Sega Mega Drive Mini :)

One thing I could highly suggest is that the game makes it somehow known that it recorded that you cleared it after the credits. I wasn't sure if I should keep waiting or just reset the game.

Esse jogo superou todas as minhas expectativas. Simplesmente "FANTASTICO", não consigo parar de jogar, a riqueza em detalhes do cenário, o dash na água e na areia, a chuva acida endurece a areia, a queda de luz e o reflexo, tudo isso é o mais puro néctar da perfeição. Esse é o único game que merece de fato 10/10 .

Can’t wait for the rest of the games to be finished!

Two suggestions I have after a quick play through:

  • Hitting the Robot Masters with the fully charged Power Adapter should push them back slightly, like in MM6.
  • One thing I would love to see added is the Energy Balancer, especially if you play with a full loadout, to save time from manually switching to each weapon.
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I think they are necessary because they are present in the original game so why they will ignore mechanics that were originally in mm6

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[ Edit: Original comment was what was thought to be a bug, but is edited down due to a reply helping me figure out that it was a personal hardware issue.]

The game is absolutely what I'd hoped it to be and beyond! Amazing work on all counts!

Are you using a keyboard? Could be keyboard ghosting.

Looked it up since I'd never heard of this before, and... yeah, it's totally keyboard ghosting. Looks like I'll be remapping my keys, thanks man.

I wonder, could there be an alternate Default that uses Wily Wars style but with Slide on A?

Also, please add an option for charge sound, maybe with the settings:
• Default (Fade out)
• Classic (Continuous, like it has always been in the series)
• Low (Continuous, but players lower)
• EXE (Like in Mega Man Battle Network)

Impressive work. Really interesting rom hack. Congrats!

This is a livestream I did of the game. It demonstrates a few glitches (one softlock close to the end) and a lot of slipups from a Megaman newcomer, but also shows that you can have a ton of fun from it! It certainly retains that Megaman charm of "oh come on that was bullshit! I want to play again". It's a great game and a near perfect remake. I do have some nitpicks, but that'll be saved for a proper review

Though undeniably, it's an excellent tech demo for SGDK. Even as an asm elitist, it's plain to see the passion and technical talent oozing out of this game

Eddie Man haunts my nightmares

incrível parabéns, por favor inverter os botões Y e X para que possamos trocar de armas nos botões L e R porque atualmente troca em R e X usando como exemplo os botões padrão snes no emulador

astonishing! so perfect! Good Job (y)

So polished.  Very impressive!

Awesome remake ! Thanks so much.

Hello. Thanks for such an excellent job. My only complaint is that I tried burning the rom on a cartridge without SRAM and the game works (with a password system), but it doesn't allow me to enter the options menu. Therefore, you cannot change difficulty, or controls, or take advantage of extra possibilities.

but it will need a battery in the end, if it will be like WIly Wars, then it needs to save the data for all 3 games to allow access to "Wily Tower"

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I've been wanting this for years since I played Wily Wars and then found out Complete Works didn't bother doing this for any of the games.

gens has an issue with the music and consistently enters an endless high pitched screech 


Yes, sadly gens is not compatible due to incorrect emulation of the sound driver. Use a different emulator.

yup.  i get the same problem with gens on a windows pc.
on the other hand, the game plays fine with full music & sound in kega fusion

This is insane! Thank you! Great work


I played Wily Wars since I was a kid on my Mega Drive, and that's how I got to know the original trilogy, but in my country Argentina, the Sega country par excellence. And now to be able to play this, it's a trip to the past, tested on my Model 1 (Pal-N) and it works correctly.  Thanks a lot. <img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzEyMjU3MzUwLmpwZw==/original/X4i8gX.jpg">

Muchas gracias. por todo el amor y corazón que colocas por este personaje y esta gran consola.